Grow your business using social media

Strategies and expertise to build and strengthen relationships

The Putnam Social Advisor Survey (2017) found that 86% of advisors using social media for business gained new clients.

Advisors reporting that social media activity helped them gain new clients

When we began the survey in 2013, only 49% said social media helped them gain clients.

Impact of social media on client relationships

88% say that social media has changed the nature of their relationships with their clients.

Download "The Social Advisor 5.0: Ahead of the curve" to learn how advisors are taking an active approach on social media to grow their business.

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Partner with Putnam to learn about an active approach to social media.

Creating and optimizing your social media presence

Learn how to establish and optimize a profile that will build your brand to attract prospects

Developing your LinkedIn network

Best practices for developing and growing your network and how to retain assets across multiple generations.

Prospecting and generating revenue using social media

This advanced session presents actionable strategies using wealth management and money in motion opportunities that can lead to asset gains.


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Growing your business with social media

Invite business owners and professionals to this seminar to learn how a robust social media presence can benefit any enterprise or individual.