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LinkedIn for the youngest professionals

Putnam Investments, 07/23/14

If you have teenage children, they’re probably involved in some sort of social network, whether it’s Instagram or SnapChat or some network you’ll only learn about tomorrow.

Uncool as it may be to teens, LinkedIn now allows the youngest professionals to explore the benefits of college and the working world.

To help students, academics, and professionals connect, LinkedIn has opened its doors by allowing 14- to 18-year-olds to join the site. Millions of professionals already use LinkedIn, and now teens can combine their love for social networking with a large, established network that can help them jumpstart their academic and professional careers.

Over 23,000 schools have an official presence on LinkedIn, boasting vast networks with thousands of registered alumni.

LinkedIn has created several resources to guide young professionals into the working world.

  • Students in the college application stage can use LinkedIn University pages to compare universities and find the perfect match.
  • Once they’ve found a school, students can use the LinkedIn Alumni Tool to find connections to develop their professional and academic networks, or use their parents’ connections to meet alumni from their school of choice.
  • The LinkedIn Student Job Portal can be used to find a variety of opportunities for individuals who are just starting their careers. Jobs in the portal range from summer internships to full-time positions.
The first question on most parents’ minds is if LinkedIn will be a safe space for children. To address this concern, LinkedIn changed the default privacy for all users under age 18.
  • LinkedIn automatically hides the birth year of all teen users until they turn 18.
  • Profile photos are only shown to 1st degree connections, and last names are hidden in search results.
  • Teens won’t receive any promotional partner InMails from third parties.
These changes help protect teens without limiting them from taking advantage of LinkedIn’s powerful network.

For a client presentation on using LinkedIn for college admissions or finding an internship, contact your Putnam wholesaler.



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