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A great new option for CardMunch users

Putnam Investments, 07/10/14

Effective July 11, 2014, LinkedIn is discontinuing the CardMunch app. If you are a LinkedIn member and use CardMunch, you can transfer your existing scanned cards into Evernote and get two free years of Evernote’s premium business-card scanning service. If you decide not to transfer to Evernote, you can still download your CardMunch data, including your business-card images.

Why choose Evernote?

Evernote is an incredibly useful business-card scanning app that enhances the way your business cards are captured, displayed, and recalled. Thanks to its partnership with LinkedIn, Evernote can build a content-rich profile for every business card you scan. Scan a card, and Evernote instantly creates a profile that includes contact information, a link to the contact’s LinkedIn profile, a photo, and a section for notes and attachments.

Scanning is simple:

  • Place a business card on the table or any contrasting surface
  • Go to Evernote’s business-card camera mode
  • Frame the card, and the camera will find the card edges and snap a photo. No taps needed.
  • Evernote will digitize it and create a searchable note with the most up-to-date, relevant information about your new contact.
A digital notebook for every business contact
You can use your Evernote digital business cards to track and record interactions and experiences. Store notes from meetings with your contact, attach important documents, and forward emails from your contact into a related notebook.

You need not be connected with a person on LinkedIn for Evernote’s business-card scanning feature to work. As long as your LinkedIn account is connected to Evernote, you will get the person’s profile information and photo. After scanning a card, you will have the option to connect on LinkedIn, share your own contact information, or save the information to your device’s address book.

The Evernote business-card camera is available today in Evernote for iPhone and iPad.


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