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Save on smartphone costs when traveling

Putnam Investments, 10/29/14

Planning an overseas trip? Use these tips to avoid unnecessary charges on your smartphone.

Consider buying a prepaid local SIM card, which will allow you to only pay local charges when dialing local numbers. And since it’s prepaid, you automatically keep your spending in check. This method requires that your device is "SIM unlocked." Call your mobile carrier and ask them to do this before your trip.

Another option is to put an international data plan on your current mobile plan during your trip. This may be worthwhile if you plan to use your device for email, web browsing, or texting.

If you don’t plan to use your device much, simply turn off data roaming on your device:

  • On an iPhone, go to settings, and then data, and toggle off data roaming.
  • On Android, go to settings, and then Mobile Networks, and uncheck Data roaming.


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