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10 Must-have Apps for Financial Advisors

Putnam Investments, 10/01/14


quotestreamQuoteStream Access up to 10 model portfolios updated continuously with real-time market data. Set up watchlists, track the FOREX, or receive alerts on market makers. Android and iOS

compoundeeCompoundee HD Need a robust but easy-to-use compounding calculator? Using up to five variables, compound daily, weekly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual results. Include deposits or withdrawals, adjust for inflation and taxes, account for extra annual deposits, and then email the formatted results. iOS

venmoVenmo Get more out of your social media connections with the first-ever social way to pay a friend back or exchange money. Did you split a car service back from the Patriots game last Sunday and have an IOU floating around between you and a friend? Bypass scrambling for loose bills or lost checks and pay your friend back through Venmo’s fund sharing. Android and iOS

bloombergBloomberg Mobile Business and market news breaks on Bloomberg. Never miss a surprise IPO or game-changing economic development again and become the most-informed person in the room. Android and iOS

songkickSongkick If the last concert you saw was a Hootie and the Blowfish reunion tour, then Songkick can get you back to enjoying live music again. The free app synchs with your music library and artists you’ve liked on Facebook, as well as your Spotify, Pandora, or LastFM playlists, and notifies you when tour dates are announced in your city for your favorite artists. Android, iOS, Facebook, and desktop

geniusscanGenius Scan Flatbed and desktop scanners have been relegated to the tech trash heap. With Genius Scan, your smartphone or tablet can turn paper into easily transferrable PDF and JPEG files. Android and iOS

wineglassWineGlass There’s a wealth of information out there about wine. Why isn’t it there when you need it? With WineGlass, just take a picture of a wine list at a bar or restaurant. The app will instantly scan the image and give you an interactive version on your iPhone. iOS

buddytvBuddyTV Your DVR doesn’t know you well enough to record all your favorite shows (yet), but the BuddyTV app can help. Just enter the name of your cable provider plus any other subscription services you pay for (like Hulu or iTunes), along with your favorite shows, and BuddyTV will create a customized viewing schedule and even send you text alerts when a new episode airs. Using the “Vibes” feature, you can indicate themes like “College Football” and let the app create a viewing schedule for you to catch all the action this fall. Android, iOS, Windows

taskrabbitTaskRabbit Clean the gutters? Move your office? Take your car in for inspection? Some tasks are best left to others. With TaskRabbit, you can name a task, choose a fully vetted tasker and then sit back and relax, or get back to doing something more important. Android and iOS

evernoteEvernote Think of this app as your digital filing cabinet where you can store any sort of information you come across: web articles, handwritten notes, even pictures. Save anything from tax forms to your favorite bar menu. Did someone just hand you their business card? Scan it into Evernote and then immediately connect with that person on LinkedIn. Android and iOS


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