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Get customized news alerts with Newsle

Putnam Investments, 01/09/15

Customize your news alerts with Newsle

Many advisors receive notifications from sources like Google Alerts about their platinum clients and top centers of influence. With Newsle, you can scale this concept to encompass everyone you're engaged with on social media, including LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as your email contacts.

When you sign up with Newsle, you link your social media accounts and indicate how frequently you want information emailed to you. Whenever one of your contacts is mentioned in a blog or makes it into a news story, Newsle will let you know.

It’s a great way to acknowledge your contacts when they are recognized in the press. Last month, an advisor I work with was mentioned in a local newspaper article about a charity fundraising event. I received the notification on Newsle and sent him an email about it and his successful event. The advisor hadn’t seen the article yet, and I scored some major points for bringing it to his attention.

Watch for articles and mentions of key clients on Newsle. Share them on LinkedIn and other social networks, and acknowledge your connections’ achievements with a note or call.


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