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Grow your Twitter following and stay relevant with hashtags

bcadm, 02/06/15

Twitter is about growing your following and being part of topical conversations. The best way to accomplish this is to use relevant #hashtags in your tweets. A #hashtag is the easiest way for anyone to search for tweets around a common topic of interest.

For example, if you plan to tweet about tax planning, select relevant hashtags, such as those listed in the table below. Even for topics outside of your business — community service, for example — you should use hashtags to ensure that your message becomes discoverable and relevant.

If you consider using a #hashtag outside of those listed below (and we recommend you do), first find out its frequency and usage. Simply enter it into Twitter’s search box, and review the resulting feed. If tweets using that #hashtag are not timely, relevant, or frequent, you should try a different one.



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