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Advisors’ social media wish list

bcadm, 07/16/15

The 2014 Putnam Investments Survey of Financial Advisors’ Use of Social Media asked over 700 financial advisors what they’d like to see more of to make social media successful in their practice.

Overwhelmingly, advisors asked for more education and training on how to use social media to find and retain clients and grow their book of business. Advisors also cited content, internal promotion, and CRM integration as “wish list” items.


Some quotes from the survey:

"More focused training to make the experience more efficient and cost effective.”

"It would be great to have more tools to expand on interactive discussion when hosting educational webinars."

“Provide more approved content and provide it more often so my website is worth visiting."

"A relaxation of some of the compliance rules for using social media would be helpful."

"Provide success stories of advisors who have gained significant clients through their efforts."


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