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Swipe right for Spotlight, a vastly improved iPhone search feature

Putnam Investments, 02/25/16

The iPhone’s iOS 9 has improved Spotlight, its search feature, to allow you to find almost anything.

  • To access Spotlight, simply swipe to the right from your iPhone home screen to reveal the search field. You can search for anything on your device and across the Internet: your own apps, contacts, texts, emails, and music as well as online maps, images news stories and more.
  • Looking for an email that you sent to a specific client? No need to open your mail app and start hunting. Simply type the client’s name — or any keyword contained in your message — and Spotlight will deliver any item on your device that contains it. Want to find all your messages, as well as web articles, about a specific fund or stock? Enter the ticker and see the results, filtered by relevance.
  • Your preferences come first. Spotlight filters results and provides suggestions that are likely to be most useful for you. This feature dramatically cuts down on “cluttered” results lists and irrelevant links.
Have Spotlight suggest maps to your favorite restaurants, contact information for a client’s office, YouTube videos for tying a Windsor knot, or news and analysis on a new fund. And, of course, use it to improve your productivity in the office and at home.



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