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Import your fund data into FundVisualizer

Putnam Investments, 06/07/17

FundVisualizer is an advisor-only tool that provides intuitive controls and engaging visuals that simplify your research. To save time, use the data import feature to quickly move your fund data from a spreadsheet directly into FundVisualizer.

To import data, you can copy and paste your fund names or tickers, drag and drop an Excel file, or upload a file from your computer. Don’t worry if other data is captured; the system is smart enough to know what to ignore.

Make sure to identify the column that holds your ticker symbols and click “Next.” If the system doesn’t recognize a fund, correct it here or remove it.

After final review and corrections, click “Import.” Now, your funds are ready to be compared and analyzed in FundVisualizer.

To learn more about how to use the tool, read our other posts or begin using FundVisualizer now.


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