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Is a LinkedIn Premium account for you?

Putnam Investments, 05/31/13

LinkedIn offers a variety of premium account levels targeted to business users, recruiters, job seekers, and sales professionals. Financial advisors considering upgrading to a Premium account should take a look at the Premium Business options. Click on the image below to learn more about LinkedIn Premium.


A LinkedIn Premium Business account offers several useful features not available in the free Basic account level, including:

  • Advanced search filters, allowing you to search your network by seniority, company size, interests, and Fortune 1000 ranking
  • Up to 300 profiles per search
  • Up to 5 weekly Saved Search Alerts, notifying you when new network connections match your search criteria
Pricing varies depending on which Premium account level you choose.

Our take:

We suggest advisors try the Premium Business account, which typically costs $19.95 per month if billed annually. We particularly like the ability to use advanced search filters and to get more results in searches.

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