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Social strategies to meet clients' families

Bill Cass

Bill Cass, 05/03/17

When assets move from one generation to the next, beneficiaries may look for professional advice. But even trusted advisors may miss the opportunity if they have not established a relationship with heirs.

As trillions of dollars are expected to move from boomers to the next generation over the next three decades, making connections with the entire family will be important for advisors. A first step is to get to know the children.

Chris Hennessey shares some top ideas from advisors on how to set up a meeting or social event:

  • Reach out on social media platforms such as LinkedIn
  • Offer to review 401(k) options for working young adults in the family
  • Suggest a social event and include children as well as grandchildren. Consider timing it around a holiday for the best chance that family members from outside the area will be home for a visit.


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