Active management

Active management

Relentless analysis meets strategic agility.

Active management lets us respond to market shifts in ways that passive indexes can’t. And it really shines in periods of market distress because we can strategically weight our holdings.

We manage this fund around a core of relentless bottom-up, unbiased analysis that pinpoints companies that we believe will thrive over the long term. They may or may not always be the top companies in their industry, but they are important enablers of broader themes.

Our analysis-based approach also means we can take the time to find companies where management acts like owners — where executives’ interests align with the interest of shareholders, and this shared focus is woven throughout the company, from its compensation structure to cultural qualities like transparency and openness to new ideas.

As an active management firm, Putnam always strives to outperform benchmarks and peers, we rely on a skilled and well-resourced investment team, talented fund managers, a careful approach to downside risk, and relentless research and analysis.