Focus on durable growth

Focus on durable growth

A portfolio of strongly vetted, high-conviction names that we believe to be well positioned for steady growth regardless of the market context.

To build and manage this fund, we take the time to identify larger trends and movements at the market and industry level that hold ongoing promise for investment. We call these areas of potential within the broader market context "themes."

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Similarly, we look for areas of potential within companies. We refer to this potential as "durability" — structural and other advantages that tell us a company has strong potential to grow over the longer term.

Where most growth managers are singularly focused on high and recurring revenues, we look for companies with the tailwind of a broader theme behind them that will protect their growth over the longer term. The companies we own offer high, durable growth that doesn’t need economic acceleration to succeed.


These key companies show how durability flows from a combination of structural advantages and broader industry and market themes.

The Home Depot is one company we believe will prove resilient to the competitive threat from e-commerce retail giants like Amazon.


Adobe's high free cash-flow margins could grow EPS by 20% annually over the next three-plus years.


PayPal Holdings has experienced consistent, mid-teens year-over-year growth in active accounts.


Lonza opened the world's largest dedicated cell and gene therapy facility in 2018.


We believe Disney should be able to replicate what Netflix has accomplished with its direct-to-consumer streaming services.


Idexx Laboratories has spent more on animal healthcare R&D over the past five years than all of its competitors combined.

ideXX laboratories

We believe that Microsoft can achieve an annual growth rate of more than 30% by 2023.


Lululemon Athletica's direct distribution model has resulted in plans to double its digital sales over the next five years.


We believe American Tower offers strong growth potential as companies make the transition to 5G.


NVIDIA's decades of experience providing hardware and software for automakers give it a unique advantage.


Diagnostic testing for all types of viruses will become more prevalent as open economies and free movement of people will need to be balanced with safeguards against infectious diseases.


The appeal of experiences has become more widespread after the pandemic lockdowns in 2020. This demand, combined with higher levels of personal savings, should help a number of businesses grow at above-market rates for an extended period of time.

Our philosophy is simple: growth potential, but make it durable.