Autonomous and electric vehicles

Autonomous and electric vehicles

Electric vehicle penetration is less than 3% today, and self-driving vehicles are only in the testing phase.

Still, the revenue opportunity for semiconductor companies that supply these end markets is already meaningful and growing at above-market rates.

Beyond autonomous driving, semiconductors are used for a range of features in cars, such as cameras, sensors, and internet connections. The rollout of 5G wireless will increase semiconductor demand for automobiles.


NVIDIA produces graphics processing units (GPUs) that are used for gaming and entertainment as well as artificial intelligence.

  • The company maintains dominant market share (over 60%) in GPUs, which are central to the artificial intelligence architecture that enables autonomous driving.
  • While small today, we believe this end market should become material to NVDIA as autonomous vehicle production ramps up over the coming decade.

As screen time becomes a core aspect of daily life, some providers stand to enjoy considerable longer-term growth.

screen time

A decade ago, we noticed that how people see their pets had changed. Rover wasn't just there to fetch slippers anymore—he was a bona fide family member—providing certain sectors and companies with long-term advantages.

of pets

Patients' genetic makeup will become integral to diagnosis, treatment, and therapy — and some companies are well positioned to see ongoing growth from it.


With more than 80 million mobile phone peer-to-peer payment users in the United States alone, electronic money transfers, e-commerce transactions, and one-button checkout are taking share from cash and physical credit card payments—and giving companies with certain structural advantages an edge.

e-Commerce and
payment processing

Most companies now recognize that digital marketing's essential for growth—and their investments are driving growth in data-driven tools on social media, mobile applications, email, search engines, and websites.


5G technology will improve wireless speeds and let users connect to more devices at once, facilitating the Internet of Things. The rapid growth in connected devices and systems will drive carriers to invest rapidly in 5G networks.

5G connectivity and
the Internet of Things

COVID-19 has driven major changes in consumer-purchasing preferences, human communication, and workflows. We are identifying companies across a multitude of industries that will be beneficiaries once the dust settles.


The demand for cloud computing is on the rise as more businesses find it essential to transition their on-site information technology systems to the cloud.

Our philosophy is simple: growth potential, but make it durable.