Sustainable Investing

ESG companies that lead and have impact

Putnam offers two funds that aim to identify companies that thrive by producing beneficial products and services in responsible ways.

Putnam Sustainable Leaders Fund PNOYX

Investing in growing companies committed to sustainable practices

Putnam Sustainable Future Fund PMVYX

Investing in growing companies solving sustainability challenges

Sustainability and impact report

Thoughtful fundamental research is at the heart of our investment process.

Sustainable investing is flourishing

Putnam has dedicated a team to sustainable strategies

Putnam's Sustainable Investing team identifies opportunities for investing in the most effective solutions to challenges in corporate environmental, social, governance (ESG), and sustainability practices. The team's research on these issues enhances fundamental insights across Putnam.

Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS, Head of Sustainable Investing

Experienced as an equity analyst, portfolio manager, and head of research at Fidelity, Katherine founded and led Honeybee Capital, a sustainable research firm, before joining Putnam in 2017.

Katherine Collins, CFA Head of Sustainable Investing
Shep Perkins, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Equities

As CIO of Equities, Shep is responsible for providing strategic direction to Putnam’s portfolio managers and equity analysts. He joined Putnam in 2011 and is Portfolio Manager of Putnam Sustainable Leaders Fund as well as Putnam Global Equity Fund.

Shep Perkins, CFA, Co-Head of Equities
Stephanie Henderson, Portfolio Manager, Analyst

Stephanie brings together experience in interpreting and applying ESG data with skills in fundamental analysis and valuation of companies.

Stephanie Henderson, Analyst
Alexander Rickson, CFA, Quantitative Analyst

Alex provides skills both in the interpretation of ESG data and its application to the processes of risk management and portfolio construction.

Alexander Rickson, CFA, Quantitative Analyst
How green is your beverage container?

How green is your beverage container?

Rigorous research of sustainability can lead to attractive investment opportunities.


ESG investing: Identifying leaders in data management

ESG investing: Identifying leaders in data management

Data security and privacy practices can significantly affect business models, and leading companies may offer strategic and financial advantages.


    Advancing the potential of sustainable investing

    More about sustainable investing at Putnam

    Investing in companies improving our world
    Sustainable investing team brochure(PDF)

    What is sustainable investing?
    Investor Education (PDF)

    ESG policy statement (PDF)

    Evaluating companies with ESG data

    As ESG popularity grows, 85% of the S&P 500 companies supply sustainability reports.

    S&P 500 companies, 2011–2017

    Evaluating companies with ESG data
    Institutions embrace responsible investing

    Putnam is among the growing ranks of asset managers that have signed the UN Principles of Responsible Investing, committing to consider ESG issues in portfolio decisions.

    Institutions embrace responsible investing