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Our forward-looking investment themes are grounded in fundamental research and show how companies are connected to global sustainability needs. We outline three overarching thematic categories, with specific focus areas that continue to evolve as our research unlocks new ideas. Learn about how the team organizes its research.

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Human health and well-being Human health and well-being

Healthy individuals are a foundation of a healthy society. Human health includes elements of preventive care, chronic disease treatment, and mental health support. Companies that support human health include conventional healthcare products and service providers as well as those that focus on holistic wellness through nutrition and fitness.

Equity and access Equity and access
Efficiency and effectiveness – Business processes

Healthy systems and societies are the connection between the health of individuals and the health of the planet. At this connective layer, we consider two major sets of topics and the companies that address them: First, access to information and opportunity, security and data privacy; and, second, efficiency and effectiveness across all types of operations and systems.

Environmental health Environmental health

A healthy planet supports all human activity. The effects of climate change — extreme weather events, temperature change, and ocean and soil degradation — are becoming more visible and more acute. As a result, many companies are building climate resiliency into their business models while others are focused on creating solutions to mitigate climate change and its impacts.

Zoom in on the three categories of sustainable investing
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Human health and well-being


Environmental health


Equity and access


Thriving People Human health and well-being Tools and therapies Solutions for acute needs Treatments for chronic conditions Telemedicine and digital access to care Data-driven diagnostics and treatment Home-based care Team-based holistic care Food and nutrition Exercise and fitness Mental health, emotional, spiritual wellness Healthy relationships Sleep and rest Public health infrastructure Genetic therapies Plant-based medicine Non-invasive diagnostics & therapies AR and VR therapies Robotics Connected devices Syn bio drug development Data aggregation & analytics

of care

Preventative care
and wellness

Thriving Planet Environmental health Biological solutions Resource stewardship Water quality and access Proteins, microbes, enzymes, and fungi Bioengineering Biomaterials Bioenergy Natural ingredients LEADERSHIP IN IMPROVING: Greenhouse gas emissions Materials intensity Water use Soil health Biodiversity and ecosystems health Responsible sourcing Testing and monitoring systems Solutions for treatment and re-use Improved infrastructure Irrigation solutions Materials innovation Supplier partnerships Recycling and re-use Design for durability and decomposition Renewable energy Energy storage Carbon capture and sequestration Climate and energy analytics Carbon value and pricing mechanisms Electrification of end products Regenerative land use Biodynamic practices Natural crop treatments Precision agriculture Irrigation solutions Seed traits improvement


Sustainable agriculture


Thriving Public Equity and access Efficiency and effectiveness Stakeholder wellness and equity Precision technology Shared infrastructure Business processes Logistics solutions Transport and distribution Packaging innovation Digitization Flexible production Productivity & quality tools Services supporting SMBs Automation, sensing, and repair Precision agriculture Custom design and manufacturing Advanced computing technologies Additive manufacturing ACCESS TO: Healthcare and nutrition Education and information Financial security Meaningful and decent work LEADERSHIP IN IMPROVING: Employee well-being and work conditions Supplier standards and stewardship Value and service to customers Benefits and connection to communities Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice Effectiveness of public policy Cloud computing Analytics and connectivity Shared transportation Shared real estate Shared manufacturing Rental-based businesses Physical safety Data security Data privacy Data use Infrastructure security

Access and opportunity

Security and

Mental health: Insights and potential investment implications

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on issues related to mental health. Although it is too soon to draw conclusions, we believe several clear trends emerged during the pandemic – some worrisome, some promising. Our report explores these developments and the potential implications for investors.

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Toward racial justice: Markers of corporate leadership in the United States

Addressing a topic made more visible by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the 2020 public protests over the killings of Breanna Taylor and George Floyd, we analyze corporate efforts toward racial justice within our sustainable investing framework. Our report explores the past, present, and future of corporate leadership and the potential implications for investors.

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Toward a circular economy: Investments for a Thriving Planet®

The global economy currently demands more of Earth's resources than the planet can sustain. The concept of the circular economy has emerged to inform development of solutions that maximize the effective use of resources and minimize waste.

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Investing with a focus on ESG-impact companies may cause the fund to forego otherwise attractive investment opportunities of may increase or decrease the fund's exposure to certain types of companies and, therefore, to possibly underperform funds that do not invest with similar focus.