Alternating bond market leadership

See the interaction of rates and bond markets over 20 years.

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Data as of 12/31/20

Active markets

Staying invested even when markets are volatile can serve investors well. History shows that some of the market's best days occur shortly after bad days.

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Data as of 12/31/20

The muni bond advantage

It pays to be smart about taxes when you invest for income, and to look beyond pretax yields.

This interactive tool helps you compare municipal bonds with Treasurys based on state of residence and income level.

Last update: September 2021

Why diversify? Market leadership changes

In dynamic financial markets, the performance of investments can change frequently

Diversifying a portfolio across many assets is a classic strategy to avoid the risk of picking one investment that can fall out of favor.

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Diversify with a single fund

With a globally diversified portfolio, Putnam Dynamic Asset Allocation Balanced Fund can benefit from many asset classes while avoiding market extremes.

Data as of 12/31/20

Up and down markets are not symmetrical

After a market drawdown, it takes a larger upswing to get back on track.

Understand the math of market risk

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