Four strategies for a world of uncertainty

Numerous risks to global growth continue to challenge investors around the world, even as equity and bond markets evolve under new regulations, macroeconomic pressures, and complex geopolitical realities. In this paper, we make the case that the many uncertainties of today need not reduce investors to inaction. We believe there are ways to maneuver in today’s markets that can help investors move toward a better future.

Putnam suggests a variety of approaches that financial advisors and their clients can take to actively respond to today’s markets, better manage risk, and actually seize opportunities that current market turmoil may be masking. We divide these approaches into four basic challenges and actions to consider.

Each category speaks directly to specific market segments that have been transformed by interventionist central bank policy and macroeconomic uncertainties in the years since the financial crisis. Taken together, these categories cover a broad spectrum of asset classes and strategies, ranging from short-term fixed income and multi-sector to new allocation and absolute return approaches. As detailed elsewhere, Putnam promotes specific fund solutions for advisors and investors to consider in the context of their portfolios.

"In recognizing that meticulous investment research and flexible management strategies are crucial to helping investors "maneuver in markets," we will be bringing a new dimension to our dialogue with the marketplace this year."
Robert L. Reynolds
President and CEO
"The high-quality, thoughtful advice dispensed by financial advisors has never been more important than it is today. Putnam recognizes that there is a critical need for new levels of insight on the drivers of current market conditions and how to solve for optimal outcomes."
William T. Connolly
Co-Head of Global Distribution


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