Asset Allocation

An asset allocation strategy diversifies investments across different asset classes and global markets with the goal of improving the balance of reward and risk.

The challenges of market volatility

To understand why diversifying investments can be more effective than trying to pick winners, explore the annual performance ranking below:

  • See how Putnam Dynamic Asset Allocation avoids the extremes.
  • Select an asset class to see how the winners fluctuate from year to year.
Unmanaged indexes used as a broad measure of market performance against Putnam Dynamic Asset Allocation Balanced Fund from 2005 through 2014

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A strategy of diversification

The funds can tactically adjust stock and bond allocations and positions within the allocations

Equity and fixed-income allocations have a flexible range of +/- 15%, allowing the strategies to take advantage of the most attractive opportunities. Exposures within allocations can be shifted to emphasize different risks — equities, credit, rates, inflation


Dynamic Asset Allocation Conservative Fund



Dynamic Asset Allocation Balanced Fund



Dynamic Asset Allocation Growth Fund


Experienced team

The senior team members have been in place at Putnam for more than a decade, providing experience managing asset allocation strategies through multiple market cycles since 1994.

(clockwise from top left):

James A. Fetch (investing since 1994)

Robert J. Schoen (investing since 1990)

Jason R. Vaillancourt, CFA (investing since 1993)