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Equity Income Fund (PEYAX)

Overall Morningstar Rating™ of

I believe investors want performance that is consistently good rather than occasionally great. This takes risk controls and a strategic approach to dividends.

  • Darren Jaroch, CFA
  • Portfolio Manager

Overall Morningstar ratings as of 02/28/19, shown with the Morningstar category and the number of funds in each category.

Fundamental research provides a proactive view

“When you think about the market with a perspective of a couple of years, the type of stocks you want to own changes over time, and that’s why we take an active approach rather than the more limiting, static view of an index.”

  • Darren Jaroch, CFA
  • Portfolio Manager

Equity Income Fund (PEIYX)

Morningstar Ratings as of 02/28/19

Time period Funds in category Morningstar Rating
Overall 1,095
3 yrs. 1,095
5 yrs. 935
10 yrs. 688
Morningstar category: Large Value