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Once again, Putnam is named a top fund family by Barron’s.

Putnam ranked 2 out of 64 in the Barron’s/Lipper Fund Family Ranking based on total return in 2013. This was the third time in the past five years that Barron’s ranked Putnam among the top two fund families based on total returns across asset classes.

Barron's/Lipper Best Fund Families Special Report Read the Barron’s Ranking (PDF)

"These results reflect the sweeping revitalization of our fundamental investment research and risk awareness in the past five years, with a focus on delivering performance for our clients."

Robert L. Reynolds
President and Chief Executive Officer, Putnam Investments


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How Barron's ranked the fund families:
The Barron’s/Lipper Fund Family Ranking published February 8, 2014, ranked Putnam 1 out of 61 for 2009, 14 out of 57 for 2010, 57 out of 58 for 2011, 1 out of 62 for 2012, and 2 out of 64 for 2013 for the 1-year period with funds in five categories: U.S. equity, world equity, mixed asset, taxable bond, and tax-exempt bond. Putnam ranked 43 out of 54 and 46 out of 48 for the 5- and 10-year periods ending 2009, 41 out of 53 and 38 out of 46 for the 5- and 10-year periods ending 2010, 49 out of 53 and 41 out of 45 for the 5- and 10-year periods ending 2011, 27 out of 53 and 36 out of 46 for the 5- and 10-year periods ending 2012, and 2 out of 55 and 32 out of 48 for the 5- and 10-year periods ending 2013, respectively. Only funds with at least one year of performance were included. Returns were calculated minus the effects of sales charges and 12b-1 fees. Rankings were asset weighted, so larger funds had a greater impact on a fund family’s overall ranking, and then weighted by category, with each category assigned a percentage. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Barron’s is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Company.

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All funds involve risk, including the loss of capital.