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Active commitment to diversity

We are dedicated to supporting and facilitating an inclusive environment that embraces all that makes us different and recognizes the benefits associated with our individual uniqueness.

Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace

A diverse and inclusive company culture is a valuable asset that helps Putnam meet business challenges.

Making us successful

Provide strong advocacy for diversity and inclusion, both internally and externally

Create and maintain an inclusive environment that nurtures diversity

Institutionalize mainstream diversity communications

Ensure a diverse talent pool through initiatives that attract, retain, develop, and advance a diverse pool of associates

Measure progress to drive continuous improvement

Message from Stephen Denny, Head of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion

"Putnam Investments is committed to fostering a workplace and culture where everyone can thrive. We are proud of the work we've done to support all dimensions of diversity and build a truly inclusive environment. Diversity and inclusion are business imperatives and core values at Putnam."

A message from Stephen Denny
A message from Robert Reynolds

Message from Robert Reynolds, President and CEO

"As a premier investment company, it's essential that we embrace diversity as we strive for leadership. Diversity and inclusion are in the best interest of all Putnam associates — and our overall success as a business."