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Time off

Putnam recognizes that taking time off is important for your health and well-being.

We offer paid time-off benefits for vacation, holidays, volunteering, and sick time.

Time Off

Putnam offers an extensive benefits package designed to meet the needs of our associates.

Generous vacation policies

Depending on your role with the company, you will benefit from the Traditional Vacation Plan, which offers up to five weeks paid time off based on tenure or the flexibility of taking time off as you need through the Responsible Vacation Plan.

Up to 5 weeks for traditional vacationing

Up to 7 days of paid sick time

Earned sick time

As an associate, you earn paid sick time to care for yourself, your child, your spouse, or parents when dealing with a medical condition.

Volunteering at charitable organizations

To support our associates who make personal commitments and give time to charitable organizations, we allow you to volunteer your time during regularly scheduled work hours.

Up to 15 hours of paid time to volunteer

Paid holidays observed by the NYSE


Putnam observes holidays that are generally observed in our industry, closing on the same days as the New York Stock Exchange.