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As a service organization, we strive for simplicity, seek continuous improvement, and embrace innovation while providing world-class service for our clients.


Every business unit is committed to innovative thinking and service excellence.

Our Operations teams

Accounting and Middle Office Services manages mutual fund and investment product accounting operations and the daily pricing of Putnam mutual funds.

Fund Administration manages financial statements, shareholder reports, tax returns, and regulatory filings as well as dividend estimates and distributions for the Putnam funds and institutional trusts.

Investment Services and Operations provides market data, performance and competitor analysis, product information management, and client reporting for Putnam's retail and global institutional businesses, in support of the Investment, Marketing, and Sales teams.

Investor Services manages all shareholder records and performs account transactions such as purchases, redemptions, and dividend payments for Putnam investors. Specialized teams provide support to investors, financial advisors, financial institutions, and broker/dealer firms.

World-class service for our clients
Innovative Thinking
Service Excellence