Get organized with LinkedIn tags

Putnam Investments, 11/26/14

Make the most of tags to manage your network 

Is your LinkedIn network growing? If so, are you finding it hard to organize, track, and message your connections? LinkedIn offers a way to do it with a free feature called Tags. Even if you don’t know what Tags are, you have probably already used them.

When you invite someone to connect, LinkedIn asks you how you know that person — colleague, friend, classmate, etc. These are tags, and they can be used to subdivide your network into groups. You can also create separate tags that are relevant to you. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Connections Tab on top of your LinkedIn page.
  • Connections that you’ve tagged will have an icon in their profile.
  • To edit, create, or delete a tag, hover over a person’s profile until you see the blue tag link appear in the bottom.
  • Click on the tag link, and a box with all your current tags will appear.
  • Check any tags that apply to this person. The person will not know which tags you assign to them.
  • To create a new tag, click “Add New Tags” and enter your personal description. That tag can now be applied to anyone in your network.
Once you’ve created your tags, you can send messages to specific subgroups. Here’s how:
  • On your Connections page, choose “Filter by tag.”
  • Once filtered, check “select all” at the top of the list
  • Click on the message icon that appears
  • LinkedIn will take you to the messaging center, where you can compose your message to the group
To make sure group members don’t see other addresses, uncheck the box on the bottom of the message to treat each recipient as a BCC.