Last two years of high school are crunch time to prepare for college

Bill Cass, CFP®, CPWA®

Bill Cass, CFP®, CPWA®, 09/11/19

Families with college-bound students focus more intently on the future when their child enters the last two years of high school.

There are many important actions for parents and students to take during the junior and senior years. Parents research saving and finances, financial aid, and scholarships. Students focus on standardized tests as well as researching colleges, completing applications, and making campus visits.

Meeting with a financial advisor is one way that families can make sure they do not miss a step and meet various deadlines. Putnam’s “Four-year action plan to prepare for college” can be a helpful year-by-year guide for students and parents.

Action items to consider:

Table shows action items for parents and students

Planning builds as college admission gets closer

Having a plan to make withdrawals for college expenses is as important as planning to save. Read Putnam’s investor education piece, “Strategies to make the most of college savings,” to consider guidance on saving as well as selecting accounts to draw on when the first tuition bill arrives. At all stages of planning for college, it is important to meet with a financial professional.