Top tax questions from advisors as policy debate continues

Bill Cass, CFP®, CPWA®

Bill Cass, CFP®, CPWA®, 11/23/21

The tax landscape will likely see some significant shifts in 2022 if Congress passes the administration’s Build Back Better social spending bill.

The potential for changes to the tax code and year-end planning was the focus of our recent webcast with Chris Hennessey, “Top year-end tax-planning considerations,” attended by more than 500 financial advisors.

Top tax questions from financial advisors focused on the future of the backdoor Roth strategy, regulations around the 10-year rule for inherited IRAs, modifications to the SALT deduction, and potential estate tax changes.

The webcast addressed current legislative proposals and discussed numerous tax-planning strategies. Highlights include tax-planning strategies around deductions, charitable giving, capital gains, wealth transfer, and small-business considerations.

Advisors: Watch the webcast replay.

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