Putnam Stable Value Fund

We offer a stable value fund as an option for principal stability and attractive income opportunities.

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As a leading manager of Stable Value strategies, we offer our expertise to help you understand the details and the advantages of this investment category.

Putnam Stable Value Fund: Frequently asked questions

Consult this paper for answers to over 40 questions about Putnam Stable Value Fund, including questions about portfolio structure, synthetic GICs, calculating the crediting rate, and plan transition scenarios.

Enhancing the stability of stable value with traditional GICs

Traditional guaranteed investment contracts (GICs) can enhance the diversification, liquidity, and flexibility of stable value portfolios.

Understanding the value of traditional GICs: A research- and return-based perspective

We believe GICs are often inefficiently priced and can be attractive to a stable value strategy, and our investment approach is backed by dedicated research from our insurance sector analysts.