Fixed-income investing

For decades, investors have turned to the bond markets to add stability to their portfolios and to generate steady income. But after the unprecedented volatility in 2008 and 2009, and with interest rates today near historic lows, we believe today's fixed-income opportunities require an active approach.

Putnam's fixed-income management team takes a 360-degree view of the bond markets

Successful investing in today’s markets requires a broad-based approach, the flexibility to exploit a range of sectors and investment opportunities, and a keen understanding of the complex global interrelationships that drive the markets.

That is why Putnam has more than 70 fixed-income professionals focusing on key areas from global rates to credit and portfolio construction. Together, our team offers comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the fixed-income world, based not only on sector, but also on the broad sources of risks — and opportunities — most likely to drive returns.

DCIO Portfolio Construction is a four-step process