Putnam Stable Value Funds

Objective: Deliver intermediate-bond-like returns while seeking to maintain a stable net asset value.

  • Seeks to maintain the stability of a money market fund while offering returns similar to those of intermediate-term bonds: 50–100 basis points above the benchmark over a full interest-rate cycle.
  • Consistency, liquidity, and stability are essential to the portfolio construction process, which emphasizes diversifying the sources of returns, industries, and issuers within the portfolio.
  • Utilizes the full opportunity set within the stable value universe, including cash alternatives, GICs, managed synthetics, and constant duration synthetics.

Fund Profiles


Consider these risks before investing: The fund seeks capital preservation, but there can no assurances that it will achieve this goal. The fund's returns will fluctuate with interest rates and market conditions. The fund is not insured or guaranteed by any governmental agency. Funds that invest in bonds are subject to certain risks including interest-rate risk, credit risk, and inflation risk. As interest rates rise, the prices of bonds fall. Long-term bonds are more exposed to interest-rate risk than short term bonds. Unlike bonds, bond funds have ongoing fees and expenses. Lower-rated bonds may offer higher yields in return for more risk. Funds that invest in government securities are not guaranteed. Mortgage-backed securities are subject to prepayment risk. The use of derivatives involves additional risks, such as the potential inability to terminate or sell derivatives positions and the potential failure of the other party to the instrument to meet its obligations.The fund may be exposed to risks associated with the providers of any wrap contracts (synthetic GICs) covering with the fund's assets, including credit risk and capacity risk.