Retirement Advantage 2050 Fund

Comprehensively managed portfolios diversified to align with your retirement horizon

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Fund price

Yesterday's close 52-week high 52-week low
Net asset value $15.38
-0.13% ( $-0.02 )

Management team

James A. FetchRobert J. Kea, CFARobert J. SchoenJason R. Vaillancourt, CFA

(pictured left to right)
James A. Fetch (industry since 1994)
Robert J. Kea, CFA (industry since 1988)
Robert J. Schoen (industry since 1990)
Jason R. Vaillancourt, CFA (industry since 1993)

Strategy and process

  • Tailored to retirement: Each fund's target date reflects when investors are expected to retire and determines the portfolio's asset allocation.
  • Unique glide path: Allocations are structured to pursue performance and downside protection near retirement.
  • Comprehensively managed: Putnam's seasoned Global Asset Allocation team implements all steps of the investment process - the glide path, tactical allocations, and security selection.
  • Competitive CIT structure: The funds offer lower fee structure and the less complex administrative requirements of a collective investment trust, along with flexible pricing options.

Data is historical. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. More recent returns may be more or less than those shown. Investment return will fluctuate. Performance assumes reinvestment of distributions and does not account for taxes. Performance data reflects the impact of a 0.50% management fee for class I shares, a 0.60% management fee for class II shares, a 0.75% management fee for class III shares, a 0.90% management fee for class IV shares, and a 1.05% management fee for class V shares. In certain cases your plan's management fee may be lower and your return higher. For the most recent month-end performance, please call your plan's toll-free number. 

Robert Kea will retire from Putnam effective 12/31/17.