The large bar graph lets you set the weightings of a hypothetical portfolio of eight Putnam Global Sector Funds. Select and drag on the blue bars to change the weightings, or simply change the numbers at the base of the graph. The gray bars are static and show the weighting of the relevant sector indexes within the MSCI World Index (see "Tool methodology" for more details). At the top is an inset that compares six investment characteristics of the hypothetical sector fund portfolio with the MSCI index portfolio. All data is as of 6/30/13 and will be updated at the end of each calendar quarter. Building a sector portfolio You can manipulate the blue bars to allocate weightings of a global sector fund portfolio. With the "Distribute evenly" option, you can allocate specific percentages for the Putnam sector funds, and the remaining percentages are automatically distributed evenly across all other sector funds. The tool subtracts any portion you do not allocate from 100%, computes an average by dividing that amount by the number of remaining sectors, and then subtracts this average amount from each relevant sector index weighting. With the "Customize" option, you manually allocate percentages to all of the sector funds. The tool will not automatically adjust any weightings, but it will indicate how much of your portfolio remains to be allocated in a "Left to allocate" percentage shown near the top of the window. Note, this option does not prevent users from allocating more than 100%, as reflected when the "Left to allocate" percentage becomes negative. You can "Lock" sector weightings by clicking the lock icons to freeze the weighting of any sector and prevent any changes. You can see the resulting characteristics of your hypothetical portfolio in the six graphs at the top of the page, which adjust dynamically as you change fund weightings. Take a snapshot of your hypothetical portfolio to save its weightings and characteristics, and then try another - you can save up to 15 different portfolios. Putnam sector fund portfolio information Click on the sector fund names to find the fund's top holdings, top overweights and underweights vs. the index, and country composition. Conditions and limitations All data shown in the graphs is as of 6/30/13, the end of the most recent quarter, and will be updated at the end of each quarter. Putnam is the source of the fund data and Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) is the source for the index data. In the investment characteristic comparisons, the blue bars reflect a hypothetical portfolio of Putnam funds with allocations determined by the users of the tool. The gray bars represent the indexes and are static. For both the fund and index portfolio, the weightings shown in the large graph are used to calculate a weighted average for each characteristic. The tool, combines MSCI sector indexes in two instances: The consumer staples and consumer cyclicals sector indexes are combined into the "Consumer" sector, and the basic materials and energy indexes are combined into the "Natural Resources" sector. Each sector index continues to be weighted according to its market-capitalization weighting within the MSCI World Index.