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Zero balancing duration risk

Putnam Investments, 10/24/13

In a hasty retreat from bond markets, investors pulled around $67 billion from bond funds in June. Ironically, economic growth is taking a lot of the blame. Driven by concerns over the Fed's economically "contingent outlook" for ending its massive bond-buying program starting sometime in the closing months of 2013, investors have begun to second-guess their rate-sensitive income strategies. With no widespread expectations of U.S. economic prospects suddenly dimming in the months ahead, it is plausible that ... Continue

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Modern investing tools and absolute return strategies

A type of flexibility common to many absolute return strategies is the ability to use modern investment tools such as derivatives, including forwards, futures, and option contracts. A trained, professional money manager can ...


Beyond stocks and bonds

One potentially powerful dimension of absolute return investing involves alternative asset classes, a broad category that includes investments such as commodities, real estate, equity and fixed-income derivatives, and foreign currencies. Freedom ...


How to fight inflation with absolute return

One of the perennial concerns of investors is inflation, and for good reason. Inflation erodes one's purchasing power. That can leave investment returns - particularly returns that are largely composed of ...


Smoothing out the rough patches

How absolute return strategies can help provide a less volatile investment experience U.S. investors have had to become increasingly self-reliant in order to fund a larger portion of their retirement income for ...


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