Investor education

Putnam's investor education literature is designed to provide information on a wide range of general investing and financial planning topics.

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Title Topic
Real returns of CDs vs. municipal bonds General Investing Concepts
Growth or value? General Investing Concepts
Don't miss the market's best days General Investing Concepts
CD or municipal bond? General Investing Concepts
Beat inflation General Investing Concepts
Market rebounds outlasted declines General Investing Concepts
Penny saved or a penny invested General Investing Concepts
Historical tax rate/yield chart General Investing Concepts
Stay invested General Investing Concepts
Alternating bond market leadership General Investing Concepts
Real returns of CDs vs. stocks General Investing Concepts
Tax freedom day General Investing Concepts
Dollar cost averaging General Investing Concepts
IRA rollover checklist Retirement/Income Planning
72(t): Looking for a way to supplement your income? Retirement/Income Planning
IRA distribution planning checklist Retirement/Income Planning
Required minimum distributions and your IRA Retirement/Income Planning
Stretch IRA Retirement/Income Planning
Converting a traditional IRA to a Roth Retirement/Income Planning
Net unrealized appreciation (NUA) Retirement/Income Planning
Developing a "tax-smart" retirement income strategy Retirement/Income Planning
Choose a sustainable withdrawal rate in retirement Retirement/Income Planning
Income planning worksheet Retirement/Income Planning
Donating IRA assets to charity Retirement/Income Planning
Tax diversification worksheet Retirement/Income Planning
In-service, non-hardship withdrawals: For participants seeking different investment choices in their retirement portfolios Retirement/Income Planning
Business succession planning Retirement/Income Planning
Floating rate bank loans Putnam Funds
Planning for the new 3.8% Medicare investment income surtax Tax/Financial Planning
Health-care reform and its impact on investors Tax/Financial Planning
Alternative minimum tax Tax/Financial Planning
Income in respect of a decedent tax deduction Tax/Financial Planning
Using investment losses to your advantage Tax/Financial Planning
Asset protection: Basic principles and strategies for safeguarding your wealth Tax/Financial Planning
Asset protection worksheet Tax/Financial Planning
2015 tax rates, schedules, and contribution limits Tax/Financial Planning
Markets recover from crisis Low-Volatility Investing
Alternating market leadership Low-Volatility Investing
Where are rates headed next? Understanding why duration matters (updated quarterly) Fixed Income
10 income and estate tax planning strategies for 2015 Tax/Financial Planning
Putnam's glossary of common investment terms General Investing Concepts
A closer look at the current estate and gifting tax rules Tax/Financial Planning