The muni bond advantage

With low interest rates, higher tax rates, and heightened market volatility, striking the right balance between generating income and preserving principal can be challenging.

Municipal bonds may be one solution, particularly for higher income earners.

Duration strategies
With the risk of rising interest rates looming, it has become increasingly important to be cognizant of the duration exposure embedded within bond indices. The expected rise in interest rates poses performance issues for bond indices heavily exposed to duration risk. It's time to consider strategies that minimize duration's impact on portfolios. Explore the infographic.
April 2014
Quantitative Easing Fed easing, Fed tapering: The risks to investors
Since 2009, the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing policies have pumped massive amounts of liquidity into the financial system through bond purchases. As the Fed now tapers these purchases, see the effect on interest rates.
April 2014
Global investing calls for active management
The global investment landscape has changed significantly since the 2008 financial crisis. The risks and opportunities are more diverse than they have been in years. Understanding — and taking advantage of — these evolving markets requires deep experience and intensive fundamental research.
January 2014
Retirement matters
Financial planners suggest that finding the ideal retirement spot means weighing a number of pros and cons about each state — and not just the weather — including the size of the tax bite, which can vary greatly. How does your state rate on taxes?
February 2014