The outlook for tax reform

Congress and the Administration are working on a number of ways to stimulate the economy with tax cuts.

See some of the numbers in this infographic.

Last update: May 2017

See what active duration strategies can do

It's important to consider the interest-rate risk that may be embedded in Treasury bonds or the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index if these investments are in your clients' portfolios. Explore how Putnam funds have used active duration strategies to improve performance during periods of rising interest rates.

Last update: April 2017

Why diversify? Market leadership changes

In dynamic financial markets, the performance of investments can change frequently. Diversifying a portfolio across many assets is a classic strategy to avoid the risk of picking one investment that can fall out of favor.

Data is as of 12/31/16

Retirement matters

Financial planners suggest that finding the ideal retirement spot means weighing a number of pros and cons about each state — and not just the weather — including the size of the tax bite, which can vary greatly. How does your state rate on taxes?

Last update: February 2015

Taxes on the table

The Administration has ambitious ideas to cut taxes on businesses, wealth, and income. Here are some of the taxes and numbers that might make headlines.

Last update: May 2017