Equity Funds

Seek growth potential by investing in a diverse portfolio of stocks.

Equity funds — also called stock funds — are a type of mutual fund that invests in common stocks issued by corporations. Since they represent shares of ownership in a company, stocks can appreciate in value if a company performs well, expands, or achieves stronger earnings. Equity funds invest in a range of publically traded companies to help provide diversification, and most invest across different sectors of the economy. As with all mutual funds, equity funds carry varying degrees of risk.

Putnam's approach

  • We offer an expanded investment universe with a range of funds that cover U.S., international, and global equity markets, including sector-specific funds.
  • We believe there are many ways to achieve investment objectives so we offer several strategies — growth, value, and blend styles, and large-, mid-, and small-cap objectives — to meet investors' needs.
  • We seek new opportunities and manage risk by teaming experienced portfolio managers with our in-house global equity research organization.

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For more information on these funds and the potential risks of investing, please click on the fund names. You can lose money investing in a mutual fund.