Tax center

Putnam's Tax center offers essential help on a range of tax issues.

Tax-related mailings

Tax form notifications are mailed in mid January and as required by tax regulations. The forms will be available in electronic format under My accounts. Access your tax forms

Help with your tax forms

Every year, Putnam sends tax forms to help you prepare your tax returns as required by the IRS. Read more

Fund tax data

Additional data for use with your tax forms is available, including information about dividends, foreign income, government securities, and tax-exempt, state-specific income.
Access your fund tax data

Cost basis reporting changes

New regulations require brokers and mutual fund companies to provide cost basis reporting to the IRS for mutual fund shares acquired after January 1, 2012. Read more

Tax planning insights

Government policies and tax reforms can influence shareholder tax planning, filing requirements, and retirement strategies. Learn about the latest changes: