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Equities face skepticism over rates and trade

Equities face skepticism over rates and trade

Q4 2018 | Capital Markets Outlook

Economic strength is offset by trade risk, a flattening yield curve, and weakness in housing and autos

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Trade war and rising rates create headwinds for global economy

Q4 2018 | Fixed Income Outlook

The outlook for global economic growth is easing because of protectionist tariffs, weakness in emerging markets, and rising oil prices.

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Seeking opportunity in uncertainty

Q4 2018 | Equity Outlook

Despite risks of inflation and trade conflicts, opportunities exist for equity investors worldwide.

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Global economic update  |  November 12

Highlights of the past week, from central bank policies to trade and currency trends.


U.S.: The Composite PMI Output rose to 54.9 in October from 53.9 in September.

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