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The Fed may be ahead of the curve

The Fed may be ahead of the curve

Q3 2017 | Capital Markets Outlook

As the market digests the Fed's latest rate increase, a long-anticipated surge in inflation remains elusive.

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Europe plays catch up

Q3 2017 | Fixed Income Outlook

In the United States, we see an increasing amount of evidence pointing toward late-cycle economic conditions.

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Positive fundamentals may be tested by policy uncertainty

Q3 2017 | Equity Outlook

For U.S. equity investors, the second quarter offered a number of familiar themes: relatively low volatility, new record highs for major indexes, and a modest advance for stocks.

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Global economic update  |  September 18

Highlights of the past week, from central bank policies to trade and currency trends.


U.S.: Retail sales fell 0.2% in August.

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