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Balance optimism on earnings with caution about Congress

Balance optimism on earnings with caution about Congress

Q1 2017 | Capital Markets Outlook

Rising GDP, interest rates, and energy prices have helped the market

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The end of the era of unlimited central bank support

Q4 2016 | Fixed Income Outlook

The current environment may be relatively benign for risky assets — particularly out-of-index opportunities ranging from high-yield bonds and bank loans to securitized debt and select emerging markets.

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Keeping fundamentals in focus as markets shift

Q4 2016 | Equity Outlook

Despite the market’s seeming calm through most of the third quarter, a number of undercurrents could challenge equities in the final months of 2016.

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Global economic update  |  January 23

Highlights of the past week, from central bank policies to trade and currency trends.


U.S.: The dollar gained versus other major currencies ahead of the presidential inauguration.

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