Risk Allocation/Multi-Asset

Our investment philosophy sets us apart

We invest for risk-adjusted returns because we believe reducing downside volatility without sacrificing return can materially improve compound long-term performance. Our portfolios allow investors to participate in potential gains from asset classes around the world with the ability to potentially dampen market volatility through comprehensive diversification.

  • We believe multi-asset portfolios are best managed by an active team-based approach
  • We focus on pursuing efficient risk-adjusted returns with downside protection
  • We believe efficient returns are best achieved through a combination of diversified beta and non-directional sources of alpha

Competitive advantage

  • An experienced, collaborative team has managed asset allocation strategies since 1994
  • We focus on managing risk in pursuit of efficient returns
  • We apply innovative thinking to both traditional and non-traditional strategies
  • We pursue these goals by taking an active approach to investment management

Multi-Asset capabilities

Strategy  Category 
Multi-Asset Absolute Return Strategy Global Tactical Asset Allocation
Total Return Global Tactical Asset Allocation


Not all products and vehicles may be available for purchase in all regions of the world. Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against loss. It is possible to lose money in a diversified portfolio. These strategies may not be suitable for all investors.