Irish UCITS funds for non-US investors


  • Putnam Asia Pacific (Ex-Japan) Equity Fund | Fact sheet PDF

    This fund seeks its objective of capital appreciation by investing mainly in equity securities issued by Asian and Pacific region (other than Japanese) companies.

  • Putnam Emerging Markets Equity Fund | Fact sheet PDF

    The fund invests mainly in stocks of emerging-market companies believed to have favourable investment potential.

  • Putnam Global Core Equity Fund | Fact sheet PDF

    The fund seeks to achieve its objective by investing mainly in a diversified portfolio of global equity securities. The fund blends fundamental research with quantitative analysis to build a portfolio of midsize to large companies.

  • Putnam Global Fixed Income Alpha

    Putnam’s Global Alpha strategy is built on the premise that one of the most effective deliveries of fixed income alpha results from efficiently mixing as many independent investment strategies as possible.

  • Putnam Global High Yield Bond Fund | Fact sheet PDF

    The fund consists of a diversified portfolio of intermediate and long-duration bonds from a range of industries and issuers in the high-yield corporate market. Through extensive fundamental and credit analysis, the fund uses a strategy of extensive fundamental analysis to target high-yielding, lower-rated debt securities that represent the best relative value and market technicals.

  • Putnam New Flag Euro High Yield Fund | Fact sheet PDF

    The investment objective of Putnam New Flag Euro High Yield Fund is to provide a superior total return compatible with a prudent credit appraisal process that recognises the risks being taken in the types of assets in which the fund invests. Maintaining rigorous and thorough investment monitoring, the fund invests in predominantly non-investment-grade debt obligations issued by European-based companies or non-European-based companies that have a substantial share of their revenues or income based in Europe.

  • Putnam Total Return Fund

    Designed to help meet investors’ needs for absolute return in different economic environments. The management team develops a comprehensively diversified, multi-asset class portfolio that incorporates a broad array of active return strategies to seek to enhance returns in any market environment.

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