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Q4 2016 commentary

Convertibles less sensitive to interest rates

Portfolio Manager Rob Salvin talks about the impact of rising rates on convertible securities.


Dollar to continue strengthening, but at a slower pace

Bill Kohli, Chief Investment Officer for Fixed Income, discusses his view on the strengthening dollar.


A hard landing for China poses risk for global equities

Shep Perkins, Co-Head of Equities, explains why he believes China is one of the biggest global risks to markets.


Despite the vote, Brexit is not a sure thing

Shep Perkins, Co-Head of Equities, explains why he feels there is a chance that the U.K. won't actually exit the European Union.


Versatile currency strategies are useful in asset allocation

Jason Vaillancourt, Co-Head of Global Asset Allocation, explains how currency strategies are used in Putnam's asset allocation approaches.


Stronger economy helps credit market

Paul Scanlon, Co-Head of Fixed Income, talks about improvements in the credit market.


Distressed high-yield bonds led performance in 2016

Paul Scanlon, Co-Head of Fixed Income, discusses the drivers of high-yield performance in 2016.


Tax policy changes may impact high-yield issuance

Paul Scanlon, Co-Head of Fixed Income, identifies the factors that may drive high-yield issuance in 2017.


Earnings growth likely to continue

Portfolio Manager Darren Jaroch says that he believes earnings growth will continue in 2017.


Lower tax rates could be a powerful driver in the economy

Portfolio Manager Jerry Sullivan says proposals to lower tax rates and repatriate offshore earnings may be powerful drivers in the economy.