James A. Fetch

Co-Head of Global Asset Allocation

Mr. Fetch is a Co-Head of Global Asset Allocation. In partnership with other GAA Co-Heads, he is responsible for overall strategy and positioning of Putnam’s GAA products. He is accountable for portfolio construction and risk management of GAA portfolios, and his work contributes to Putnam’s Capital Markets Outlook. Since 2008, Mr. Fetch also has served as a portfolio manager of Putnam Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds (Balanced, Conservative, and Growth); Putnam Dynamic Risk Allocation Fund; Putnam Multi-Asset Absolute Return Fund; Putnam RetirementReady® Funds; Putnam Retirement Income Fund Lifestyle 1; Putnam’s Total Return institutional portfolio; and Putnam’s 529 college savings plan. Mr. Fetch has been in the investment industry since he first joined Putnam in 1994. After leaving to complete his M.B.A., he rejoined the firm in 2000.

Funds managed

Putnam Multi-Asset Absolute Return Fund
Putnam Total Return Fund