The concept of the circular economy maximizes the effective use of resources and minimizes waste.

Our capabilities and team

Putnam offers sustainable investing offerings connecting companies to global priorities, lead by an experienced team of managers and analysts.

The sustainability lens

Putnam analysts across all industries and asset classes include sustainability analysis as part of their fundamental research. They collaborate regularly with Katherine Collins and Stephanie Dobson, as well as other professionals on the Sustainable team.

Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS

Head of Sustainable investing

32 years in industry

Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS

Stephanie Dobson

Portfolio Manager

11 years in industry

Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS
Our forward-looking thematic research focuses on the conditions that allow people, systems, society, and the planet to thrive.”
Katherine Collins

Putnam Sustainable Leaders strategy

Invests in companies that have demonstrated leadership in sustainability issues that are financially material to their business

Putnam Sustainable Future strategy

Invests in companies whose products and services provide solutions to essential sustainability challenges