May 2023

Putnam Sustainable Equity: Sustainability and impact report

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A letter from Katherine Collins, CFA, MTS

Over the past few years, communities, companies, and the stock market have all experienced an unusual mix of shocks, recoveries, challenges, and opportunities. Throughout this period, both strengths and shortcomings have been revealed.

For our team, the investments in time, energy, and resources we’ve made have become assets we can lean on in all types of circumstances. For example, we’ve crafted analytical tools like the “Investing for a thriving world” thematic map, sector-based materiality map, and markers to identify sustainable leadership and solutions. These help us to navigate changing conditions with a clear “true north” of process and purpose. Examples of our research process are found throughout this report, including the deep-dive exploration of executive compensation in section 3.

Perhaps most important, we’ve benefited from the strong collaborative spirit across the entire Putnam investment team. These colleagues and resources have consistently helped us to identify opportunities and risks, complementing Putnam’s formal risk management processes and our core fundamental research process.

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