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Tax Season 2020


Learn more and get 2020 tax resources, including information about capital gains for 2020, year-end tax estimates, tax rates for 2021, and more.

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The Fed’s conundrum — $7 lattes, $5 gas, 0% interest rates

Putnam Perspectives

The Fed’s conundrum — $7 lattes, $5 gas, 0% interest rates

We believe the Fed is likely behind the curve in containing inflation with ultra-low interest rates.

Five year-end planning ideas for retirement savings

Wealth Management Ideas

Five year-end planning ideas for retirement savings

Here are some year-end planning considerations when reviewing your retirement savings plan.


2020 rankings in Barron's Best Fund Families
(published February 2021)

Ten years

#3 out of 44

Five years

#14 out of 50

One year

#22 out of 53

Refinitiv Lipper fund awards

Putnam International Value Fund

Best Fund in the International Large-Cap Value Fund category

(R6 shares/PIGWX among 33 funds over 5 years)

(Y shares/PNGYX among 29 funds over 10 years)

Equity Insights  |  December 1, 2021

Investing in the biology revolution

Investing in the biology revolution

We believe synbio will become a major wave of innovation and one of the most exciting areas of the market in the coming years.

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Fixed Income Outlook  |  Capital Markets Outlook

Advisor Tech Tips

How to get started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

How to get started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This checklist is tailored for advisors who want to get started using Sales Navigator.

Headlines you need to know this week   —   November 30, 2021

Investors are more bearish about markets
Investors were more bearish about the stock market in a recent AAII Investor Sentiment Survey (November 24, 2021). Those reporting a bearish sentiment — the belief that stock prices will fall in the next six months — increased by 8.5 percentage points to 35.7%. Respondents reporting a bullish sentiment — that stock prices would increase in the next six months — fell 5.0 percentage points to 33.8% from the previous survey. The neutral responses declined by 3.4 percentage points 30.5%.
Investors with advisors report more knowledge
A recent survey found more investors working with financial advisors said they have intermediate or advanced financial knowledge than those without an advisor. Among respondents, 49% of individuals who have never worked with a financial advisor reported they had no working knowledge of investing or personal finance. Only 7% of those working with an advisor said they had no knowledge of investment or finance. The survey also found 43% of women reported no working financial knowledge compared with 29% of men. And 41% of Baby Boomers cited no working financial knowledge compared with 33% of Gen Xers and 32% of Millennials.
Retirees are spending more than usual
According to a recent study, retirees are spending more than they have in the past. The study found from 2016 to 2019 the income replacement needs of individuals who earned $70,000 pre-retirement rose to 92% from 80% of income. The data was adjusted for inflation. Researchers noted the levels of income replacement had been climbing slowly for several years. In addition, the study found 42% of participants in 401(k) plans kept their money in the plan for three years after retirement.

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