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Q2 2017 |Fixed Income Outlook

Global reflation at a crossroads

As growth edges higher globally, fixed-income fundamentals remain strong.

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Headlines you need to know this week   —   May 23, 2017

Advisors organizing family meetings to talk wealth transfer

Many financial advisors are introducing new programs and ideas to talk to their clients, as well as their families, about wealth transfer, CNBC reports. With more than $30 trillion expected to move from boomers to the next generation in the coming decades, heirs will likely need guidance. Some are organizing meetings with multiple generations. Younger advisors are also playing a role in this business building effort.

CFA candidates will need fintech knowledge

Beginning in 2019, new questions about financial technology will be added to the exam for a chartered financial analyst (CFA). The CFA Institute is responding to changes in the banking industry. The content will test students’ expertise in such areas as artificial intelligence, robo-advice, and big data, according to a report in

For account access, security may be at your fingertips

For a growing number of financial advisors, password-protected accounts for clients are no longer the norm. According to, many advisors are turning to biometric identification tools – such as fingerprint, facial or voice recognition – to secure client accounts.

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