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How to bolster Social Security: Be proactive with policy solutions

Each year the Social Security Trustees project how long the trust fund assets will last, and these numbers make the case for reform.

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From Here to Security is a new book about retirement savings by Putnam President and CEO Robert L. Reynolds.

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Headlines you need to know this week   —   November 14, 2017

Millennials have one big financial fear: Credit card debt
Millennials cited credit card debt as their leading fear in a recent poll. More than 33% of those surveyed said credit card debt is the most frightening aspect of their lives. Of those, 33% said accruing debt is the scariest aspect while 32% cited monthly payments as their primary fear.
Most caregivers say “financial caregiving” is part of their job
Most caregivers (92%) report that they are also financial caregivers, according to a study. Financial caregiving is defined as a financial contributor, who pays for care, or a financial coordinator, who manages finances, including paying bills. The study found that 88% of care recipients no longer manage their finances independently after two years of receiving care.
Investor confidence jumps
Individual investors are more optimistic about the stock market in the near term, the latest AAII Sentiment Survey found. Bullish sentiment, defined as the belief that stock prices will rise over the next six months, reached an 11-month high. Bearish sentiment fell 4.5 percentage points, and neutral sentiment was unchanged.

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