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Headlines you need to know this week   —   April 24, 2018

Women lack financial confidence about the future
A new study found that women tend to lag men in wealth accumulation and could fall short as much as $1 million in savings compared with men. Women may have less money to invest due to a wage gap and breaks from the workforce to take on caregiving responsibilities. Women may also be hesitant about investing, with only 52% reporting they are confident about managing investments, compared with 68% of men.
SEC releases “Best Interest” proposal
The Securities and Exchange Commission released its “Regulation Best Interest” proposal, which outlines a set of rules for the delivery of investment advice to retail investors. The proposal includes standards of conduct for broker-dealers and requirements for increased transparency with clients. A 90-day period has been launched for public comment.
Millennials more inclined to save their tax refund
A recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey found that more Millennials may be planning to save their tax refund than older generations, including Generation X. They also may be planning to invest the funds. The poll found that 20% of Millennials plan to save compared with 18% of Generation X. Approximately 8% of millennials said they plan to invest their refund, compared to 7% of Generation X.

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