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Headlines you need to know this week   —   March 19, 2019

Investors grow more pessimistic about markets
In the recent AAII Investor Sentiment Survey, a bearish view (the expectation that stock prices will fall within the next six months) rose above average, marking a six-week high. Bullish sentiment — expectations that stock prices will rise in the near term — declined.
Are 401(k) plans slow to adopt sustainable investments?
Interest in ESG investing is rising, but recent studies note that retirement plans have been slow to adopt these strategies in their investment offerings. In a survey of 401(k) plan participants, 56% of respondents said they would prefer to invest in companies that are focused on ESG — environmental, social, and governance issues. For plan sponsors, confusion about regulations may be among several obstacles to adoption, the study noted.
Millennials saving more for retirement than other generations
Millennials have $1 trillion in debt, according to the Federal Reserve, but they may have more retirement savings than other generations. Millennials today have an average of $15,500 saved for retirement. Gen Xers had an average of $13,600 saved for retirement at that age. Also, Millennials have less credit card and mortgage debt than Gen X, but higher levels of student loan obligations.

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