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Tax Season 2020


Learn more and get 2020 tax resources, including information about capital gains for 2020, year-end tax estimates, tax rates for 2021, and more.

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Emerging markets leading the way in innovation

Putnam Perspectives

Emerging markets leading the way in innovation

Innovation is driving exciting growth across emerging market countries.

Wealth management in the context of a fluid situation in Washington

Wealth Management Ideas

Wealth management in the context of a fluid situation in Washington

Wealth management professional Bill Cass provides an update on the status of tax and spending proposals in Washington.


2020 rankings in Barron's Best Fund Families
(published February 2021)

Ten years

#3 out of 44

Five years

#14 out of 50

One year

#22 out of 53

Refinitiv Lipper fund awards

Putnam International Value Fund

Best Fund in the International Large-Cap Value Fund category

(R6 shares/PIGWX among 33 funds over 5 years)

(Y shares/PNGYX among 29 funds over 10 years)

Equity Insights  |  October 1, 2021

Value investing for all seasons

Value investing for all seasons

We believe the durability of this recent value rally is being underestimated. Based on our analysis, the case for value stocks, particularly in international markets, remains compelling

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Capital Markets Outlook  |  Fixed Income Outlook

Advisor Tech Tips

Templates for LinkedIn messaging

Templates for LinkedIn messaging

These templated responses for LinkedIn messaging can save time and spark new connections.

Headlines you need to know this week   —   October 12, 2021

Sustainable investing is a standard practice, survey finds
Sustainable investing has become a standard part of the investment process for many asset managers, new research found. The survey noted that 84% of asset managers were either implementing or evaluating sustainability factors when selecting investments. The research also found the rate of adoption of sustainable investing is highest in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In North America, the number of firms embracing sustainable investing rose to 68% in 2021 from 39% in 2018.
Some workers reduce saving due to health costs
About one third of workers have decreased their retirement savings contribution to pay for rising health costs, according to a new financial wellness survey. The study also found that about half of workers (49%) are “moderately concerned” about their household financial well-being. Also, two thirds of respondents cited debt as a problem.
Investor optimism declined
Investor optimism declined, according to a recent AAII Investor Sentiment Survey. The number of investors expecting the price of stocks to rise in the next six months declined in the survey ended October 6, 2021, compared with the previous week. The percentage of respondents citing a bearish sentiment, that stock prices would fall in the near term, also fell. An increasing number of respondents reported a neutral outlook.

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