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Look beyond dividends for income from value investing

Putnam Perspectives

Look beyond dividends for income from value investing

To build a value investment strategy, consider dividends in the context of overall income.

Evaluating choices for funding college

Wealth Management Ideas

Evaluating choices for funding college

Parents looking at future college expenses are assessing choices for funding college to reduce the debt burden for their children and themselves.


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Client portfolios can involve a wide range of investments — and decisions. Putnam is ready to help you.

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Capital Markets Outlook  |  Q2 2022

The end of the Great Moderation

The end of the Great Moderation

Russia's invasion of Ukraine may stop the string of more moderate business cycles since 1982 and raise the risk of recession.

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Fixed Income Outlook  |  Equity Insights

Advisor Tech Tips

For Gen Z, tech is money

For Gen Z, tech is money

For advisors, connecting with Gen Z presents a unique challenge and opportunity.

Headlines you need to know this week   —   May 24, 2022

Gen Z more likely to increase investments
Facing increasing market volatility, more than half (56%) of investors in a recent survey said they have not taken any action with their investments this year. In addition, 62% of respondents said they have not made any moves because of high inflation. Just 18% said they plan to invest more in 2022 than they did in 2021. More than 43% of Gen Zers said they plan to add “much more” or “somewhat more” to their investments this year, compared with 8% of baby boomers.
Many small businesses need a succession plan
While many small businesses continue to recover from the shutdowns of 2020, business owners may not be focused on long-term planning. A recent study found that about 46% of small-business owners plan to retire within the next 10 years, but only 35% have started to craft a succession plan. Among owners stating they want to keep the business in the family, only 33% have identified the successor. The study also found that less than half (46%) are saving for retirement in a qualified savings plan, and 54% said they feel they should be saving more.
More women invest to affect change
Since 2020, the pandemic and social activism have inspired more women to use their financial power to drive change, according to a recent survey. Among respondents, 72% said they want to make a bigger difference in the world and 68% are more committed to using their financial resources to affect change. In the last two years, 70% of women increased their philanthropic support. Although 79% of women consider investments based on environmental, social and governance factors “highly appealing,” only 47% of women hold ESG investments in their portfolios.

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