Large Cap Value Fund

A multidimensional approach to value investing

Defining value daily

Defining value daily means identifying opportunities early — and it’s a key component of the fund’s approach.

Once a year, the Russell 1000 Value Index is reconstituted to identify a value universe of companies. However, business fundamentals can change over the course of 12 months. That’s why the fund’s managers don’t wait for this index rebalance. They analyze and define the value universe every day. They use this discipline to uncover attractive stocks before they become part of the benchmarks.

Investing for consistency

The fund offers a solid track record when value is in favor, when value is out of favor, and in both up and down markets. Learn more about its track record.

Investing in dividend growers

The managers seek companies that are willing and able to increase their dividends. See the benefits of this approach.

Strategic portfolio construction

For the fund’s managers, portfolio construction goes beyond superior stock selection and downside protection. Other elements of the process can help the fund outperform its benchmark. Learn more.

Large Cap Value Fund (PEIYX)

Overall Morningstar Rating
out of 1,102 funds in the Large Value category based on total return as of 05/31/24.

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Large Cap Value Fund (PEIYX)

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