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Get to know Putnam's target-date strategies

Whether you're a plan participant or a plan sponsor, Putnam has designed its target-date strategies with your goals in mind. Built with convenient features, and to conserve wealth near retirement, the strategies can make retirement planning easier.

The glide path less traveled

More equities for early-career investors and more bonds near retirement are distinctive features of Putnam's target-date funds. Our new white paper explains how this approach is designed for more consistent outcomes for people saving for retirement.

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Millennial money drives 401(k) plan evolution

Millennial money drives 401(k) plan evolution

Growing in number, the Millennial generation is having an impact on the evolution of 401(k) plan design.

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Five top tips to boost client focus in 2020

Five top tips to boost client focus in 2020

Client interaction is the keystone of an advisor’s success, and today’s clients expect greater access to advisors. Yet the average advisor spends only 8.8 hours per week meeting with clients.

Here are 5 tips on how to increase the time and quality of your interaction with crucial clients in the new decade.

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Putnam Social Advisor Survey

Putnam Advisor Social Media Survey

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