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Get to know Putnam's target-date strategies

Whether you're a plan participant or a plan sponsor, Putnam has designed its target-date strategies with your goals in mind. Built with convenient features, and to conserve wealth near retirement, the strategies can make retirement planning easier.

Information for plan sponsors:

The glide path less traveled

More equities for early-career investors and more bonds near retirement are distinctive features of Putnam's target-date funds. Our new white paper explains how this approach is designed for more consistent outcomes for people saving for retirement.

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Video: Consider a Roth to prepare for future taxes

Video: Consider a Roth to prepare for future taxes

With the possibility of future higher tax rates, investors may want to consider strategies that can be implemented now such as a Roth IRA conversion.

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George Putnam Balanced Fund (PGEJX) R6 shares

Best Fund over 3 years and 5 years

Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate Funds category

Putnam Income Fund (PINHX) R6 shares

Best Fund over 3 years

Core Bonds Funds category

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  • A gauge of consumer sentiment edged higher
  • Euro area industrial production rose

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