Look inside retirement portfolios for potential risks

You have a lot of choices for retirement investing — target-date series, model portfolios, and more. Putnam offers support and tools to make sure your strategy is diversified with appropriate risks.

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Set performance
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See risks below the surface

Contact our Portfolio Solutions professionals to analyze your current retirement strategy. Our team can help you analyze portfolios to identify and track dozens of risk factors, including:

  • Equity market, size, style, and sector risks
  • Interest-rate (duration), high-yield spread risks
  • Commodities and foreign currency risks
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See what separates target-date funds

Try our TargetDateVisualizer tool for a better view of the target-date series you currently use and to identify potential alternatives. The tool gives you a lens to see the glide path philosophy of each target-date series.

  • Compare over 100 managers
  • See differences in glide paths
  • Identify managers aligned with your philosophy
  • Get an in-depth report
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You can start your portfolio analysis with TargetDateVisualizer or by contacting Putnam to arrange a call using the form below.

Brendan T. Murray, Senior Investment Director, Team Leader

Brendan T. Murray

Head of Global Investment Strategies

Seamus S. Young, CFA, Senior Investment Director, Global Asset Allocation

Seamus S. Young, CFA

Senior Investment Director, Team Leader
Fixed Income

Daniel W. Lahrman, CFA, Investment Director, Global Asset Allocation

Daniel W. Lahrman, CFA

Senior Investment Director, Global Asset Allocation

Jonathan M. Schreiber, CFA, Investment Director, Global Asset Allocation

Jonathan M. Schreiber, CFA

Senior Investment Director, Team Leader
Global Asset Allocation

Do you prefer a self-directed approach? Explore the FundVisualizer® analysis tool. If you prefer to contact a specialist at Putnam, use the form below.

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Putnam's Portfolio Solutions Group does not offer investment advice, and any analysis provided is not intended to make any recommendation or offer advice as to whether any investment or strategy is suitable for a particular investor. The analysis is intended to be an overview of potential types of reports that we can create for a client or model portfolio. The initial analysis focuses on the portfolio allocation. The objective is to provide in-depth understanding of the main drivers of return and risk in the portfolio. The methodology uses a risk-factor-based approach, and utilizes historical, index-based factor returns, volatilities, and correlations. Should an advisor wish to have alternative scenarios and consider potential portfolio changes, additional reports can be run on the revised portfolio, which can then be compared with the initial portfolio. However, the advisor or other recipient of this material must determine the lineup changes to be reflected in the model to generate the revised portfolio for illustration purposes.